Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catching up!

So since I've been injured its been hard to get on here and keep updating my moto adventures! I did race Colorado Springs two weeks ago. I got 4th place which was great but I knew while there that I needed a few more weeks off to recover. The pain kept me from being as fast as i could be and I just could no longer go with passion. It didn't help that the shifting mechanism broke on my bike once again.

Now that I'm getting closer I'm really going to hit the workouts hard again and I'm going to race select tracks the rest of the season. My home track? I'm not sure yet. I've been getting really upset with these track promoters always screwing up a good thing. They always think that by making things harder to do will make people better racers? UMMM! NO! It drives people away from your track and makes them not want to play there.

This is a big gripe of mine all the time. But they will get their hint at the end of the season.... weather or not they take the hint or not is another story. I assure you. The two easiest tracks on the circuit (also the funnest to ride) will win track of the year. Those are the ones that separate one rider from another. Those are Brush and Milliken. But I'll not gripe about that too much. I'll just keep going to the track I want and not show to the ones I don't.

In the mean time I have a few picture to share with you. These are my practice and race photos since I have been back riding. ENJOY!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Need more rest time!

SO after racing to a 4th place finish this past weekend I realized I was not at the top of my game! Nor was I having the speed or fun because of it. So, I'm going to rest up a couple more weeks. (not mentioned here is that my bike is broke too, so its a forced rest for a bit)

This will be a good thing. I can skip a very intimidating track get the ole bike in tip top shape and rest my arm a bit more. I'm thinking one race this month will be it for me.... Maybe two. But anyhow! I will be posting more about this last race weekend tonight and I'll add some pictures of the weekend too. Just didn't want you to think I was forgetting the update!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Updates for the future!

So here is the newest update! I'm separating this blog from my fitness a little this is now going to be an exclusive Motoblog for you to enjoy. Weekly updates on my racing and riding adventures! This will be fun!

As for an update here. I went and put a few laps down at Two River Motocross down in Miliken, CO! Great track and great riding this past weekend. I was laying down some great laps until my bike decided it needed to take another nap on me and it kicked me off for another riding.

Don't worry nothing was broke this time but I did manage to become VERY sore again. I will rest up and prepare for a weekend of racing down in Colorado Springs.

I will have a full race report with photos this next week. Until then. Check out the new fitness log I have at

Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in the Race!

So, yesterday was my first time on the bike in 7 weeks! FELT GREAT! and I raced fairly well. Considering I'm still sore and stiff from the injury a 3 place and an 8th place to get 6th overall for the day... I'd say not bad. Now to get in some practice this next week or so and get on to the competition for the next race in two weeks in Colorado Springs. Thank to everyone for the support and I'm happy to be back.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonderful Chicken Wrap!

MMMMMMMMMMMM, MMM! Yep, that is the ONLY way to describe this one. The Chicken Ranch Wrap was a wonderful surprise my wife had all lined up for tonight's meal. And WOW for only about 300 total calories I'm feeling satisfied and my tummy is happy.

Here is how to make it. Grill up a small chicken breast, slice it, combine it with greens, tomato, drizzle with ranch and place in a whole wheat tortilla. AND ENJOY!

This is great and pair it with some fruit or a crisp raw veggie and you have yourself a nice filling meal that is just the right size. (Remember you don't have to feel like your gut is busting to be full and satisfied)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who Made Me FAT!

Whew! What a holiday week!? The wife and I went up north to visit her family for the fourth and man was if HOT but still a lot of fun. Fireworks are not a big deal to me mainly because my poor little pup is very scared of the sound. So, we generally watch them from a distance.

This trip makes my blog for one reason. Its you! The reasons we gain weight is mainly the one person that has control over YOU! Yep, we have family that struggle with this just like you and I. The problem most people have is accepting responsibility for their actions. Once you do this you can learn to control the bad habits and control the cravings and control the binge eating. But you must understand that you are the under control of you.

The issue comes to be that some people don't want to say no to others out of respect. Is it respectful though that your lack of being able to stand up for you will eventually lead to massive heart failure? I think I'd rather offend a Father or Father-in-Law when I don't go back for seconds of thirds because I'm controlling my portion size than to suffer through living with 40 or more extra lbs of fat. I'd also rather look silly jumping up and down in my living room for an hour or more a night to keep myself in shape as well. Which would you choose?

My point is simple. Stop blaming the boyfriend, or the mother that love to cook that wonderful home cooked meal, and the fast food joint that you can keep from stopping at, the cookie isle, or even the door-to-door food salesman. Let look in the mirror. See that person staring back at you? That person is more than likely not anymore spacial than the one I see. That person staring back at you has the control and the power. And that person will make the difference in weather you carry your six pack in the form of cans or in the form of ABS!

That all leads me to my 6 week challenge group. This group, which is going strong already, is just me, you, and a few others sharing how well we do eating wise during the days. I posted just today about how I was running short on time and ShakeO is perfect for that. I also talked about my breakfast burrito that was super tasty and less than 300 calories.

You see once you realize your under control you can start looking at whats on the plate. Food is fuel, we put fuel in the car to make it go, not to make it feel good. Personally I'd like to put the High Octane in my body, not the cheap crap that makes a knocking noise as I'm driving down the street. This is what will help you look your best, feel your best and make that workout visibly work. Its also half the equation in the weight loss secret. Eat good foods you body will run properly. You may feel good for a sec eating crap food but soon after you'll realize that it was nothing more than a short high... Which is why you crave more.

Join us in this challenge, start you engine inside and get your body running great, leave a comment or email me and we will get you in... I know you want it, right?

Email me at: lets start a conversation on what you want out of this.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chinese Chicken, YUM!

So, we don't ALWAYS eat the healthiest meals in the world. This is when we really control our portion size to limit the calories. One serving of this meal is around 450 is my best guess. But this one is in our weekly menu because it is just soooooo yummy! We call it our Homemade Chinese Chicken. Here is what you need. Per person: one chicken breast, one serving of brown rice, one bottle of sweet and sour sauce for cooking, peanut oil, and corn starch.

To prepare this you'll cut of the chicken in to small chunks (about 1 inch by 1 inch), place the chicken in a bowl with just enough corn starch to cover the chicken. Have the rice cooking and we personally use a Wok to fry chicken. Have the oil heating at this time. I usually try to start cooking the rice (boil in a bag) at the same time as I start the Chicken. Both take about 10 minutes to fully cook. Now take the chicken and fry it up in the walk. Stirring often. Once chicken is cooked turn off heat but keep it in the wok. Cover with the sauce and let it heat up in the walk while you portion out the rice properly on a small plate. Now use a big spoon to portion out the chicken on top of the bed of rice. Enjoy!

Yummy my favorite cheat meal of every week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in the Game!

First off Happy Independence day! I hope you all had a super duper 4th and I also pray from more rain to put out all the fires in my area.

With that said... I'M BACK! Yep I'm going to make it official and I don't need a doctors note to say I can get back to my life. On thing though, I'm not going to race this weekend since my strength is lacking in my right arm. So, RMXA Cheyenne race number two... count me in! Just gotta get the bike up and running, and running now so I can put in a little practice time. And try out my new Steel MX goggles! They look SWEET!

How do I know I'm back? Well, I'm back to playing softball and the arm has a bit of discomfort but man, I was not slowed at all today. In fact I hit 2 for 2 and I attempted a diving catch. Now, I know I shouldn't have and some of the wife's watching the game were telling me, "You be careful MR!" I felt fine afterward was a good thing. Now I think I'll get the bike cleaned up and running again and then I'll be off and racing again.

The point here is I am going to give FULL CREDIT to my healthy living style these days. I proclaimed in a post early after the injury that I had to really watch my diet and that is what I did. In fact I still lost a couple pounds during this month. The best part is this... I healed up in a month when normally a multiple broken bone like mine takes two to three months. I'll be back racing in 6 weeks! This is so exciting to me. I want others to enjoy this. That means YOU!
So, I've been brain storming ideas to get others in this healthy living life style. I can't always convince everyone to do a workout right now. Though I wish I could, you'd feel 1000 times better if you joined me this month with a great challenge pack combo. But lets get back to the goal... If you just can't see yourself getting into great shape and getting a sweet six pack by sweating with the program... Well, lets at least dump the fast food binge eating and get on the good nutrition train. We can lay out a plan and get the healthy living going the best way. Your gut, hips, chin... wherever you store your fat is there for one reason. You have a crappy diet. I'm not asking you to dump the "Carbs" or go "Vegan" though the Vegan idea is the absolute best diet you can have. I'm just asking you to eat smaller portions, eat less greasy foods, more white meat, and drink more water. Lets get more fiber, more vitamins, and more of all the good fruits and veggies in your belly.

So, here is the deal. I LOVE Shakeology. I give it A LOT of credit to controlling my old cravings and getting me on track with eating good food and enjoying them. I walk into a store or sandwich shop now a days and the last thing from my mind is soda. This deal is just try it. Attempt a healthy diet for a minimum of six weeks. Six weeks is it. But you must have Shakeology as one item on the menu EVERY DAY! I assure you that by the end of the first week you'll be filling better, more alive and you'll be lighter.

To assist you, I am going to personally talk with you whenever needed via your best type of communications. I'm even going to set up a post here that we can give recipes and talk about what hurdles we have to overcome.  Leave me a comment here or get on this by emailing me then go click on the picture of Shakeology here and buy your first months supply today. I'm only going to take 10 people for this group right now.... I think it would be hard to keep track of everyone if I took more. But lets do this.... even if you don't want to be apart of the group I dare you to take me up on this. Get healthy by eating healthy and giving Shakeology a try. When your not buying 3 bottles of soda per day or a large Mocha Frapacinno then you see this was the right move for you to make.

One last time... Questions you can e-mail me and you can also leave a comment and I'll do what I can to get back with you ASAP!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots of Learning and Teaching

This past week has been a week full of learning and full of new beginings. First off Summit is Beachbodies annual gathering for coaches in Las Vegas. Unfortunatly I was not there but I now lots of people that were and as soon as they were home.... BOOM! The teaching was on.
There were new deals out, new products out, and a BIG new workout. I wanted to know everything so I got on Facebook and started talking to my fellow coaches on there. One thing that dissapointed me was all the photos of my friends with guys like Shaun T and Tony Horton. Man I wish I could have been there.
But back to what come out of this. P90X, TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift are offering a free 30 day trial in a Challenge Pack. This means to you the consumer... that for this month only you can try to experience what I live now for 30 days with out paying the full retail price. Even the Shakeology. This excited me becuase I believe that some of you that are on the fence can really try what works for 30 days (the right way) and decide for yourself.

The secound thing that came out that was a bit exciting was a new workout called Body Beast! I've actually though about doing this. Its a workout that is designed to bulk a person up. THis is nice because there are those perpetually skinny as a rail kids that have a hard time bulking up. and just looking normal or buff. This program is a workout and supplament pack and nutrition plan that will give you everything needed to get bigger.  How exciting! I look in the mirror and think, I could use bigger pecks and a tighter six pack. So this may be the next one on the horizon.

Third thing that came out threw me off a bit. Its called Derm. What is it? Well, its a skin care product. Wrinkles around the eyes and dark spots on the skin and lip balm for the sun.... This is great stuff that will help your skin glow and look 10 years younger. I thought this was a little different but you know what? I've already seen the interest in it. So, if your looking to glow and lokk younger... As always email me!
The last VERY exciting thing is a new flavor of Shakeology. In fact its so exciting that as soon as I get done posting this I'm going to make the call and switch my Shake order to this flavor. This flavor is Vegan Chocolate and it supposted to taste like Dark Chocolate. YUM! The push these days is for Vegan. I'm not a fan of vegan because I enjoy my chicken and fish. But I do see the push. I have read countless books that say this is truly the way us humans are suppost to live. We actually evloved to be primaryly plant eaters but meat has always been very available. As humans always do, we get what is easy to get. But I figure if it tastes great I'm game. The best part is its not an artificial flavoring to get that chocolate flavor. Is a natural Cacao plant. Natural chocolate and this plant produces that endorphine that creates that happy feeling that a Hershey bar gives you. It also helps you feel full for longer. My opinion is you can beat that. I'll report back when I get my first taste as to if its good or not but I have no doubt that its good!

Thorough all this I have decided to run with limited size challenge groups all through the month of July. Every monday I'm going to start up groups and we are going to get fit together. My workout of choice is Insanity. Insanity will whip me back into riding shape in no time. Katie is also going to give it a try. So, the question is, why doint you? Let me know if you want in! Remember its a limited size group.

Last thing is the teaching others. How? Well, I just signed two new coaches and if they are successful I am too. So, I must teach them all I know and more so we can take the world by storm and carry out the beachbody mission. End the Trend of Obiesity. The benefits of coaching is discounts, making money, and free trips to fun destinations like Atlantis and Disney. In fact at summit they announced 5 new beachbody millionares. WOW, I'd love to become a beachbody millionare. I can only do it with the help of you, and once everyone in the state of wyoming is skinny and healthy I should be there. Like I said many times before helping others reach thier goal is my mission and I am always willing to help you out. So, lets do this. Email me:
Get Googles, Shades, and Apparel at
Update: My shoulder is feeling great. Played my first softball game the other night. I will admit there is still alot of discomfort in the shoulder but I think I just need to build muscle again. Hopefully its ready to race in a couple weeks. Now I just gotta fix up the bike. As always I want to encourage you to go support my newst racing team member! Steel MX Optics, they get great reviews on all thier product and it looks great too at a GREAT price. Check them out:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Challenge Time!

Ok my fellow readers. Who's ready? Are you cuz I am! I think I'm about 85% healed. A little discomfort still but ready to go. Insanity Challenge will begin on the 9th of July and I'm going to take 5 to 10 people to be apart of this great group and I've got a few already. If your a moto buddy of mine or a motocross rider in general, well, then I challenge you to take me up on this! Give P90X 30 days and I assure you your riding will be improved. If anything you see that you won't be as tired on that last lap.

I want anyone and everyone to join me in my month of July Challenge group. It a challenge to better yourself, try something new and you'll see how well your old ways really worked. Three programs have a limited time 30 day trial period. You pay roughly 15 dollars for shipping and you get to try the program, shakeology and the Team Beachbody website club benefits for 30 days. You like it you keep it and then you pay, you dont... send it back and never pay a dime more. So think about it... Actually check that, dont think just do! It will change your life no matter who you are.

Need more info email me at!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Delight!

So, the reason I first became a coach was for a discount. My wife is a coach only for the discount. Though I think when I get my business really going I will start running hers as well. But, back to why I was a coach, I became a coach to get a discount on the products I used. Number one on that list is Shakeology! Yep, I promote this stuff because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I share with you today, the number one ShakeO recipe made in our house. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bannanna Shakeology:

All thats needed for a great meal.
 Its really something, makes us feel great, gives me enough energy to last (I hardly drink monster these days and for those of you that new me there was a time you didn't see me without one in my hand). So, not only becuase its great for you or because it is super yummy... but because it will control your urges for that crap fast food, it wont have you thirting for a Mtn. Dew that is full of crappy sugars and it will help you get your weight in chack. But, I want you to consider Shakeology as a staple in your diet. It does all as avertised and I KNOW if you have some health issues this can really help you out. To think there are people in my family that have lost 20 lbs or so and all they changed is drinking this instead of thier coffee and dougnuts for breakfast.

For more info go to: or click on the picture above and order today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Romantic Dinner

Whats more romantic than a nice candle lit dinner with your beautiful wife and some pasta and meatballs? Nothing unless you make that pasta and meatballs super good for you and you add a beautiful freshly picked rose out of the garden. Yep, I give you one serving of whole wheat pasta cooked to perfection, super tasty turkey burger meat balls, served with a side of your favorite fruit or veggie.

Turkey meatballs served on a bed of Whole Wheat Pasta!

Easiest meal in the world to make! Preheat over to 375, mix turkey burger (4 oz per individual), 4 tablespoons of seasoned bread crumbs, and 2 egg whites. Use ice cream scoop and make 3 meat balls per person and place on baking sheet evenly. Bake for 20 minutes, and boil up your pasta with about 12 minutes to go. portion evenly into a bowl spread about 1/4 cup a pasta sauce over the pasta and serve.

This is a staple in our house and its one of the best meals you can try. At less than 400 calories you'll be getting full and losing a few inches in the waist at the same time. Taste buds are now satisfied!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stepping it up!

Time to get going. I mean it! Let's quit thinking we can do it some other way.

Because, unless you have the knowledge of a personal trainer or can afford one to push you every day, then workout programs such as P90X, Turbofire, or Brazil Butt Lift are the only way to go in my opinion. Why? Well, they are designed to work. A company such as Beachbody doesn't get this big by gimmicky sales pitches; I've lost 30 lbs in six months. Some of my fellow coaches have lost hundreds... Yes that's right, hundreds!
Well, I know the time is now! Best thing, I can offer you a deal. How about a 30 day free trial on a Challenge Pack? You like the program... you pay for it. You don't like... well send it back and all you'll pay is a total of 14.95 in shipping. I'd say that's a deal. Try an Awesome workout, Shakeology, and Club Membership on the Team Beachbody website for 30 days.

Email me ( and as always we can talk. You can also become a coach as I have. Its easy, fun, and the only one who can keep you from being awesome with all of this... well, that is only yourself.

Now, how are we going to step things up this coming month? Well, we are going to set some goals that is how! My goals...? Well, I want to start signing coaches. The more of you I can get to join me... well the more money we can make. So, lets shoot for five of you. Second, I'm going to get as many of you as possible doing a Challenge Pack... Hence why I really pushed it on Facebook and here today. Also, as you may remember, this is all coming together with my Challenge Group. And lastly, I still want to do a reset and in a few days I'm going to share a friends experience with it and then you'll know why. So, maybe you don't feel like a workout, well, then you can join me and five others in a reset. Its a 21 day meal plan that gets you feeling great and eating better than ever.
So that is a lot. Well, I'm almost all healed up and I'm ready to get back into this full force. What do you say to all this? I know that old hanging out at the gym ain't doing much. Skipping breakfast or eating pop tarts ain't cutting it either... Do what WORKS! Try it for free! Its worth your time and I will not let you fail.

My wife and I both believe you can do this. We both feel and look great and you can too.

On another note....  I am officially Sponsored by Steel MX Optics! GO support them as well as support me. Go to:
Steel MX Sun Glasses, look great don't they? Love the product and will be doing some modeling soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Can you believe it? Three posts in three days.... And I can't even workout. Here it is... I have new and fun changes in my life and it starts with my fitness and my hobby. Which is what this is all about.

On to the big news of the day. I think I am going to accept two sponsorship offers for racing. I've already turned down a couple others but these two are exactly what I was looking for. Now I've always considered Beachbody as my first sponsorship as all the money I make from that goes into my racing. Its nice because I was going to encourage the Beachbody products either way. By me personally selling it to you though, I get a small commission (You'd rather help a friend out right) and that has been going to my bike parts and entry fees and travel expenses. Yep, I consider this sponsorship #1 but its really not a contractual one, I'm just repping my side business were I can.

Kawi bike with the pipe I want on mine!

Back to the main topic here. This week I've gotten email offers from Yoshimura (James Stewart's main sponsor) and Steel MX Optics. I am throwing the names out here because I'm going to accept as soon as I have the dime to get my products and so I figure I can rep them a little now!

When I crashed in Brush Colorado I dinged up the bike a little. I needed a new pipe. So I started to look around. Well, I came across Yoshimura and seen they had an application open for various sponsorships. SO I applied... Yep  I got one that is worth the trouble... They are offering a good discount to me for their products which are great. I'll be glad to talk about them every chance I get. I'm sure I'll brag even more when I have the new pipe on the bike at the next race I go to.

Goggles I'll most likely be wearing at the next race.

Steel MX optics is the other one. Great offer from them. This one is a little bit harder for me to accept but only because I get really partial to clothing and sunglasses brands for no reason. So, if you know me well you know the other brand I already like. But I'm going to start giving props to Steel MX. The products look awesome and I will have fun repping them for years to come!

Check both places out for me... Heck, go get you some nice new shades or some sick goggles. If you need a new pipe for the bike or fuel map for your injectors go see Yoshimura.

This is how I work people. You support me with good products and good intentions I am going to support you. Beachbody is a great product just like these other guys and I can get you in on a heck of a deal. You use the product you'll see that it works. You can then become a coach and make a few bucks on the side as well. I'll support you all the way and you'll love the way you look and feel in the end. I doesn't matter if you could lose 5 or 125 lbs Beachbody can help and so can Shakeology. Its just like these companies think I can help them sell their product and they can help me win races.

Get results, get on my team!

Lets work together.... Sign up with my Challenge Group, get in Fantastic Shape, drink Shakeology, and come to Disney with us next spring... Yep, there is a Beachbody trip to Disney and if your a good enough coach its a free trip.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I often sit back and think about what I should bring to you, my reader. I believe some of you are moto fans, others trying to fin a tip or two on how I've lost 25 lbs over the last several months. But most of all I think you come back and read because of the respect you give to me. I thank you for this.

Cheyenne Gate, 2011 Wheatland Supercross

But during my down time due to injury I have been a little stagnant on my post frequency. First of all, I don't want to post everyday because I think I'd start to bore you with the same thing over and over again. Yet I was going to try for two times a week at a minimum. Once for race results and reports and once for bragging about my workouts. Well, I currently cant do either.

So here is what I'm going to do... I'm going to start writing about what I eat, how I prepare it, and my review of it. This is important in fitness and weight loss because this is what got that fat there and what helps make it go away. Considering I've lost five pounds since I got injured, i think I'm doing something right.

Another thing is I'm still going to write about my racing but I'll give updates and photo's about others I race with until I'm back out there. Let us hope its sooner rather than later.

But for now I'm going to throw this your way... email me at with a topic. Give me some homework, make me cook up something, challenge me, I dare you.

This blog is for you and me to connect. I don't care if you've never been on a motorcycle, I'm telling you about that because my fitness level translates through my racing. The main goal here is to help you, or maybe your brother or sister get healthy. Give you ideas, help you find what really works and motivate you through it. I truly became a Beachbody Coach because I thought I could help someone find what I've found to truly be that magic little pill... Yes, I know that pill isn't real but I believe Beachbody has the perfect formula to make you who you truly want to be when you look in the mirror.

So, take me up on this one. Challenge yourself, challenge me! We a living in these great times together and if we share our knowledge we will both become better people and our communities will be better for it.

Last thing before I get out of here today. Join me on getting back to work and feeling great in the month of July. I will have a couple groups getting together from behind our computers to start a workout in July. All that is required is a workout to do. Then you'll post about it on either a Team Beachbody message board thread I'm going to set up and/or a Facebook wall I'm going to set up. I encourage you to drink your Shakeology everyday like i do but its not a requirement this time. Trust me it is the key to cleaning out that nasty stuff in your system and jump starting you weight loss but like I said its not required. Email me when you want in.

After I finished Insanity!

Until next time I guess... Lets get to it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Homeade Flat Bread Pizza

This week I bring to you what I can do in this time of injury. How I eat. I do not eat junk food per say but I still enjoy the good food in life. There is always a way to make that food, "healthy." So here is on the the favorites in our home.

Its a flat bread pizza that when you eat the proper portion size will hit the spot, taste great, fill you up, and you'll consume less than 400 calories.

Ingredients include:
  • Tandori Naan - Stonefire Flatbread - Whole Grain
  • Jar of Pizza Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
  • Sharpe Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)
  • Any veggies you might like to add
Today we just made Cheese Flat Bread Pizza. Preheat oven to 425. Set flat bread on baking sheet and with a spoon spread pizza sauce evenly over the flatbread surface, and spread Mozzarella Cheese evenly over pizza surface. Now add your veggies and sprinkle light layer of Cheddar cheese over pizza. Lastly I like to add an Italian seasoning of a light dusting of oregano. Now bake for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted. Remove from oven, let cool, slice and serve. Generally our family eats half a single pizza is a serving.

Enjoy a favorite food of many but in a healthy, inexpensive way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What could have been...

Sunday June 12, 2012 I took to the track again as a on looker and supporter rather than a racer. I sit back and as I watch my class go around the track I think, "There is no way i get anything but first place if I'm not injured."

Pictured is Jeff768 my riding buddy who motivates me to push myself.

This is the competitor in me. I want to play, I want to race and this is probably the hardest part for me to cope with. The next track the RMXA visits is one of my favorites. IMI is fun and high flying and i can't believe I'm going to miss it too. Yep, the injury has me a little lost and I'm not sure i can handle another month.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Healhy eating and coaching

So, I've been away for awhile. Lets get you updated. I broke my collarbone about two weeks ago while competing in a race. Very painful but luckily I do not have to have surgery. As a competitor I push very hard to do things the best that I can and this was one time that I made a small mistake in a big spot and it will probably cost me 6 races this season.

To look on the bright side, it will also re-focus my eating habits and get me motivated on getting back to working hard and pushing it everyday that I can, when I can.

But first my wife and I took a short vacation to Las Vegas... It was fun but holy moly I can't eat the kind of things that I used to eat, and this was a great feeling in a way. Shakeology, well, I missed it. It does help your energy levels because I could just feel that it was not there. This is half of the weight gain/loss battle and there are so many benefits to keeping an eye on what you put in your system.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Injury Downtime: What to do Now?

As I type I cringe, I'm in pain, and I'm looking forward. Last Sunday during my final practice lap at Sweney Cycle Park I crashed. That happens, but this one was a bad crash, which also happens. But I'm here now waiting to heal so I can get back to racing again.

The worst part is not the injury, though a broken Collarbone really hurts. The worst part is I loved that track and I felt really fast there. I was smooth, solid and totally under control. Sounds kind of funny that I think I was under control and smooth but crashed huh? Well, a fluke or slight miss hap that happened so fast is what took me down.
Not me but very similar to what happened in my crash. I think my shoulder would be planted in the ground here!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shakeology: Alot of me comes from this!

To be upfront with everyone right here, right now, Shakeology is the key to alot of my results and how great I feel. Yeah, I know your a bit skeptical because I'm a coach and its part of my business to move Shakeology but its true.

ShakeO is however, why I became a coach. This product is great. Its healthy, it controls your cravings, and it gets alot of credit for my 25 lbs lost since November.

I believe in this so much that I've got my wife, her father, her mother, and sister all having a daily ShakeO serving and I'm not going to stop there. Hopefully I can tell you that I have most of my family drinking ShakeO.

So do I recommend it to you? YES! You want to lose weight? You want to gain or even maintain? Yes, yes, and yes! Just because your little doesn't mean your in great health internally. This will help jump start that great health. It will clean out your system and you won't be snacking on that junk all the time.

So here is what you do. Most adults these days skip breakfast these days. This is the worst thing you can do, especially if you are trying to lose a few pounds. So, goto make an order for chocolate, strawberry, or greenberry. (Make sure its auto ship or HD so you save in shipping costs) Then have it for breakfast everyday.

Most of my beachbody friends that have had great success and got the results they wanted have Shakeology everyday.

You know you need something. You know you want it. Now ill add a little incentive. If you like, no love it after two weeks of having it I will personally buy you a shakeology shirt for you to represent the growing number of people that are finding out this super drink is super worth it. Go now!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Always Ready to Help

This I believe will just plain be a mixed bag type of post... I have a lot on the mind but nothing too exciting to just go off about. First off I'll recap the weekends racing and the upcoming holiday fun in the flat lands of Colorado. Then I'll get into a little fitness talk with my readers.

I must say, this last weekends racing was super fun but nothing to write home about when it comes to how I did. But hey, I race the C class so the only reason I'm out there is for fun.

We had a big race class this weekend and a lot of new faces on the line. It was a bit different then the last couple weeks where nearly everyone on the line I recognized... This time I recognized three others and two of them where those that I am trying to catch in points. First race I was really mixing it up. Felt like I was up front but when all said and done I was 14th out of about 22. This was disappointing to me but I couldn't let it get me down. It was only the first moto.

Now I am really getting to know a few of my competitors out on the circuit and one that is about the same skill level right now but over half my age is a young girl, I'll call her Sam45. Sam45 is a young 13 yr old B class riding girl. (B class girls can race +30 C men) I'm going to keep my eye on Sam45 the rest of the season. One reason is she is racing really well, passes clean, and is getting to be really fast. She is 2nd in our point this season and every race I seem to be one spot behind her. I'm going to make a point of trying to finish ahead of her this season in every race but that is going to be a task.

Another reason is she has taken the time to come wish me luck before races and she has also come to me to talk a little racing. This past weekend at Berthoud she came to me before moto two and told me she was laying up on the uphill double coming out of the "canyon." This jump is by far the most nervy jump out on this track if you've never jumped it but once you hit it you say, "That was easy!" So, me being Mr. Nice guy gave some advise to the competition that I'm trying to beat. I said, "Just over jump that thing! It's a really easy jump and if you over shoot it it is no biggie. Just hold that throttle on and jump it. Really, its no big deal."

Well, needless to say I finished two spots behind Miss Sam45 and she came running over to our camp after the race telling my wife, "I jumped it! He was right it was so easy, I can't believe I wasn't jumping it before!"

Well, over all this date I ran well. Finished 9th in Moto 2 for a 12th overall Finish but held my spot at 3rd in the points. This track is very fun but I must say. I rode the best I have in a long time but this is a popular track that everyone knows well. So the competition was stiff and though I wasn't top 3 again like I was expecting I had tons of fun and hopefully the pictures here show that.

AS for next weekend. We have a double header. Sunday is going to be the normal race, but we will stay the night and take on the next D25 race on Monday. Both in the plains of Colorado farm land. Brush, Colorado is the place to be this weekend if your racing in the RMXA series. Lets hope this track is my kind of track. Never been there before but I hear its easy fast and fun. We will see!

As for fitness, well my body finally said STOP! Yep I had to take an unplanned rest day yesterday because my body was just plain wore down to nothing. You see when you get fit and your in great shape sometimes that person that used to be all the time lazy turns into this gotta keep moving monster. Yes I was at the point where I was going to work all day, working out, then practicing my racing or playing softball everyday... then if I didn't work I was doing nearly 8 hours of house work. But Monday my body just plain told me, "That is enough!" So, I listened and took yesterday off and watch a movie with my wife. Well, worth it but now back to work.

That being said, I have not done well trying to get you the reader on my side of trying to get healthy. So, lets throw an offer out. If you buy a Ultimate Reset, a Challenge Pack, or Shakeology HD order from MY site in the month of may you will get at minimum a free shirt. This is just a small incentive to get you jump started on the path to feeling like a Million bucks. I STRONGLY recommend the Challenge pack, its how I got my start into Insanity and my favorite meal of the day Shakeology. Many of us can give credit to the hard work with how fit we are today but I really don't think I'd be so close to my goal today without my daily Shakeology. Join my team and lets get you lean, healthy, and feeling great today. I love it, my wife and her family love it, and you will too. If your not sure on a program email me and we will get the right one for you.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have to say... one thing I like about Beachbody workouts is the advice given during the workouts. Shaun T is awesome with this in Asylum. He talks about staying in control weather going fast or slow and how important this is. Do you realize how much this translates to racing. I think this was the key to my 3rd overall finish last week.

Another one is the mental game that goes with working out. Your body needs the workout but if you leave it up to your mind your probably going to blow it off... This makes so much sense and it keeps me pushing play every day. I've got to say. I think this advise my wife and I have received over the last few months from Beachbody Trainers is so good and so awesome that I'm sure all the good things happening to us here recently is because of it.

Tomorrow is the next race. Lets see how all this work plays into everything and I'll update you on Monday on it. As Shaun T says, "Peace!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 29: The Begining to a New You!

Here is the plan! I'm going to be getting a couple groups together to start a new workout challenge on May 29... These groups are to help keep you and me accountable!

This stuff works. I'm a mere 162.2 lbs and started in November at 183. My goal right now is to get to the mid 150s by the end of July.

Whatever your goal, I can help you reach it. You just have to make the commitment. Its easy! Just shoot me a message and we will get you going. Invite your family and friends too. Remember though, this is only for those that want to look good and feel great. Are you ready to get good and feel good? Message me or email me!
I've expressed my thoughts on Beachbody, I am apart of this for one reason... IT WORKS! Join me today and you'll see that I'm not fibbing. I know I'm not the only one who sat there asking how can I do that. Hope to hear from a lot of you soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Falling into place

I have been a little quite over the last week for a reason. That reason it focus. I have been zeroing in on form and mistakes and correcting both. One thing Shaun T stresses in the Asylum is control and focus and this I found really translates to the real world competition. Let me explain.
After getting back from the D25 race in Sterling, CO I sat down to think of what is going wrong with my racing. I had never found the ground this much in such easy situations. One I am getting faster and I know this. Two, this extra speed is causing more issues and making me finish at a worse position.

So, I took a few days and while doing my Asylum Speed & Agility workout Shaun T stressed form and control. "You can be fast but if your not in control you will not do good." It hit me, I need to practice more and figure it out. SO, I hit the track 4 times in between races and plan to do more of this over the coming weeks. Every chance I get I'm going to hit the track even if its for 1 hour. Practice starts, jumping, braking, and most importantly cornering. I need to have good form in all of this. I also need to have the conditioning to keep the form to the checkered flag. This is why I am doing the Beachbody Workouts and stressing nutrition. Drinking water and having good energy in my body will keep the muscles fresh through a 4 lap moto.

What did I find through my practices? Well I found that I was looking three feet ahead while I was in the corner, I should be looking 25 feet in front of me. This is something that is going to take sometime to correct but when I do look ahead I am FAST coming out of the corner. So much so that I have been over jumping jumps on occasion.

Cornering seems to be the key to winning races. The top riders in every class can jump every jump at any track. The pros are just those that can run it deep before hitting the brakes and then quickly through the corner and on to the next jump. Between me and the top pros on the tracks I've been riding I'd say I have about 20 seconds to find but that is why you start at the C class and move up over the years. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be riding at about a B rider pace.

Well, on to why things are starting to come together. This weekend at Milliken, CO I lined up to race my +30 C race. We had the usual competition and of course a few newbies but I was focused on what I had been working on. Quick start and corner well. Only thing... I HATE ruts and this is the ruttiest track on the circuit.

The first gate drops and we are off and running. Holy molly I come around to the first jump and I'm in Third place.Now is the time to focus and I did just that... Held my spot all the way through and came in third. Very, very exciting. Only thing is motocross is two motos and you must be consistent. Gate two. Well, I'll let you judge...

Very fun race. The only thing I will do different next time is push to get in front of that guy early. I might have pulled a 2nd place if I would have pulled out in front of him early but hey its progress and this thing is coming together. My fitness is great and the only reason I get winded is that I'm pushing faster and faster the better shape I get in. Also, I'm getting my form down and now you could probably see in the video I was looking ahead. Now I did manage to not use ruts in most cases here. That is something I will have to work on over time. That must be something I enjoy about this sport. I've been riding for years now, racing a couple, and I'm learning more everyday. I think its the case for everyone always. I hope my future kids one day have this passion and drive to constantly learn.

Well, this weekend did one thing for sure. It showed me the importance of practice and of form. Both are something I'm going to keep working on at least two times a week if I can. Also, I can forget to plug my Beachbody products again because being in shape and being able to to what I want when I want is so awesome. I challenge you to take on a challenge pack. There are many workouts. All of them work (or I can assure you I wouldn't be coaching) and the supplements... well I can't seem to find a honest bad review. Worth its weight (and your weight loss) in GOLD! Shakeology benefits and actual nutrition CAN NOT be beat. No matter what the others say.

Contact me if you'd like to know more about any of this. Racing, Shakeology, Workouts... what ever it is I'm ready to talk. I honestly can't believe you are not ready to look good and feel great. So, I can take the guess work out and finally get you on track with a healthy new you. I guess the question would be are you willing to work to become something I know you desire. ANYONE can be skinny, healthy and do it very easily. Give up that $6 dollar value meal and replace it with a Healthy tasty shake that tastes great and fills you up just the same. Replace that soda with water and watch that fat just melt off and you too will be more active and you will start enjoying more in life. I will put my word on it. Oh and everything sold has at least a 30 day money back deal... Email me NOW!