Thursday, June 21, 2012


Can you believe it? Three posts in three days.... And I can't even workout. Here it is... I have new and fun changes in my life and it starts with my fitness and my hobby. Which is what this is all about.

On to the big news of the day. I think I am going to accept two sponsorship offers for racing. I've already turned down a couple others but these two are exactly what I was looking for. Now I've always considered Beachbody as my first sponsorship as all the money I make from that goes into my racing. Its nice because I was going to encourage the Beachbody products either way. By me personally selling it to you though, I get a small commission (You'd rather help a friend out right) and that has been going to my bike parts and entry fees and travel expenses. Yep, I consider this sponsorship #1 but its really not a contractual one, I'm just repping my side business were I can.

Kawi bike with the pipe I want on mine!

Back to the main topic here. This week I've gotten email offers from Yoshimura (James Stewart's main sponsor) and Steel MX Optics. I am throwing the names out here because I'm going to accept as soon as I have the dime to get my products and so I figure I can rep them a little now!

When I crashed in Brush Colorado I dinged up the bike a little. I needed a new pipe. So I started to look around. Well, I came across Yoshimura and seen they had an application open for various sponsorships. SO I applied... Yep  I got one that is worth the trouble... They are offering a good discount to me for their products which are great. I'll be glad to talk about them every chance I get. I'm sure I'll brag even more when I have the new pipe on the bike at the next race I go to.

Goggles I'll most likely be wearing at the next race.

Steel MX optics is the other one. Great offer from them. This one is a little bit harder for me to accept but only because I get really partial to clothing and sunglasses brands for no reason. So, if you know me well you know the other brand I already like. But I'm going to start giving props to Steel MX. The products look awesome and I will have fun repping them for years to come!

Check both places out for me... Heck, go get you some nice new shades or some sick goggles. If you need a new pipe for the bike or fuel map for your injectors go see Yoshimura.

This is how I work people. You support me with good products and good intentions I am going to support you. Beachbody is a great product just like these other guys and I can get you in on a heck of a deal. You use the product you'll see that it works. You can then become a coach and make a few bucks on the side as well. I'll support you all the way and you'll love the way you look and feel in the end. I doesn't matter if you could lose 5 or 125 lbs Beachbody can help and so can Shakeology. Its just like these companies think I can help them sell their product and they can help me win races.

Get results, get on my team!

Lets work together.... Sign up with my Challenge Group, get in Fantastic Shape, drink Shakeology, and come to Disney with us next spring... Yep, there is a Beachbody trip to Disney and if your a good enough coach its a free trip.

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