Thursday, June 7, 2012

Healhy eating and coaching

So, I've been away for awhile. Lets get you updated. I broke my collarbone about two weeks ago while competing in a race. Very painful but luckily I do not have to have surgery. As a competitor I push very hard to do things the best that I can and this was one time that I made a small mistake in a big spot and it will probably cost me 6 races this season.

To look on the bright side, it will also re-focus my eating habits and get me motivated on getting back to working hard and pushing it everyday that I can, when I can.

But first my wife and I took a short vacation to Las Vegas... It was fun but holy moly I can't eat the kind of things that I used to eat, and this was a great feeling in a way. Shakeology, well, I missed it. It does help your energy levels because I could just feel that it was not there. This is half of the weight gain/loss battle and there are so many benefits to keeping an eye on what you put in your system.

So what about you? what are some obstacles that may be in your way to your goals. I know some of you have shared this with me before and i hope we are doing great in getting over those hurdles. I strongly believe we have you on the right track. As for the rest... please talk with me and lets get you on the path to success!

Now, the last thing I'd like to talk with you about is coaching... I've recently had a spot or two open up and I'd like to know if you'd be interested in joining a great team of coaches that can earn you extra cash every week, you could sell your way to free trips to Disney, Las Vegas, and other places like Atlantis. And at the same time you can get more tips and motivation to stay at your peak all the time. Its a great opportunity. Heck one of my coaches makes 4 times what he did a year ago and he quit his job and spends countless hours with his family and kids while he coaches others to a better, healthier person.

Talk to me, its the only way I can help and its why I'm here. Tell me whats working whats not and what you would like to do about it.Email me at

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