Friday, June 1, 2012

Injury Downtime: What to do Now?

As I type I cringe, I'm in pain, and I'm looking forward. Last Sunday during my final practice lap at Sweney Cycle Park I crashed. That happens, but this one was a bad crash, which also happens. But I'm here now waiting to heal so I can get back to racing again.

The worst part is not the injury, though a broken Collarbone really hurts. The worst part is I loved that track and I felt really fast there. I was smooth, solid and totally under control. Sounds kind of funny that I think I was under control and smooth but crashed huh? Well, a fluke or slight miss hap that happened so fast is what took me down.
Not me but very similar to what happened in my crash. I think my shoulder would be planted in the ground here!

Here is the story. Coming off the biggest jump on the track I was feeling great, going where I want to go, flying with the greatest of ease and cornering like a pro (in my mind). I come to a simple double after a near 180 turn. I gas it, I'm passing someone to the right of me, I hit the face of the jump, then I hear it... My bike goes into neutral... I go off the jump, I feel the bike slowly twisting nose down. Funny thing, I was still in control in my mind, so I old on and try to land the bike upright... Well, the front tire clips the double and WHACK... I eat dirt. Right away I jumped up ran off the track and sat down.... The pain now sets in and all I can do is shake my head NO when someone asks me if I'm OK. Yep, I knew right away that I was done for awhile.

What did I do for this long weekend? I watched some GREAT racing and made a few more new friends. Yep, I made the best of it. Had tons of fun and wished I was still out there. Can't wait to go back next year and take this track on once again.

Fitness wise I'm done for a bit. I still have to focus on eating properly and doing what I can. Right now I can't do any type of real workout its just ice and ice and more ice! But I'm thinking later this month I'm going to take on the 21 day reset. I may be a good time for it and to detox before I go again would only feel right.

So, June is here and I'm sidelined. A reset is coming and I am still hear to help all as a coach. email me now and tell me a little about you! Your passions, your goals and anything. I'm in this for life. Racing and fitness are a BIG part of my life. I just wish others would have the same passion about their health at times. It would be so awesome to see a happy healthy America again.

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