Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Delight!

So, the reason I first became a coach was for a discount. My wife is a coach only for the discount. Though I think when I get my business really going I will start running hers as well. But, back to why I was a coach, I became a coach to get a discount on the products I used. Number one on that list is Shakeology! Yep, I promote this stuff because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I share with you today, the number one ShakeO recipe made in our house. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bannanna Shakeology:

All thats needed for a great meal.
 Its really something, makes us feel great, gives me enough energy to last (I hardly drink monster these days and for those of you that new me there was a time you didn't see me without one in my hand). So, not only becuase its great for you or because it is super yummy... but because it will control your urges for that crap fast food, it wont have you thirting for a Mtn. Dew that is full of crappy sugars and it will help you get your weight in chack. But, I want you to consider Shakeology as a staple in your diet. It does all as avertised and I KNOW if you have some health issues this can really help you out. To think there are people in my family that have lost 20 lbs or so and all they changed is drinking this instead of thier coffee and dougnuts for breakfast.

For more info go to: or click on the picture above and order today!

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