Thursday, June 28, 2012

Challenge Time!

Ok my fellow readers. Who's ready? Are you cuz I am! I think I'm about 85% healed. A little discomfort still but ready to go. Insanity Challenge will begin on the 9th of July and I'm going to take 5 to 10 people to be apart of this great group and I've got a few already. If your a moto buddy of mine or a motocross rider in general, well, then I challenge you to take me up on this! Give P90X 30 days and I assure you your riding will be improved. If anything you see that you won't be as tired on that last lap.

I want anyone and everyone to join me in my month of July Challenge group. It a challenge to better yourself, try something new and you'll see how well your old ways really worked. Three programs have a limited time 30 day trial period. You pay roughly 15 dollars for shipping and you get to try the program, shakeology and the Team Beachbody website club benefits for 30 days. You like it you keep it and then you pay, you dont... send it back and never pay a dime more. So think about it... Actually check that, dont think just do! It will change your life no matter who you are.

Need more info email me at!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Delight!

So, the reason I first became a coach was for a discount. My wife is a coach only for the discount. Though I think when I get my business really going I will start running hers as well. But, back to why I was a coach, I became a coach to get a discount on the products I used. Number one on that list is Shakeology! Yep, I promote this stuff because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I share with you today, the number one ShakeO recipe made in our house. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bannanna Shakeology:

All thats needed for a great meal.
 Its really something, makes us feel great, gives me enough energy to last (I hardly drink monster these days and for those of you that new me there was a time you didn't see me without one in my hand). So, not only becuase its great for you or because it is super yummy... but because it will control your urges for that crap fast food, it wont have you thirting for a Mtn. Dew that is full of crappy sugars and it will help you get your weight in chack. But, I want you to consider Shakeology as a staple in your diet. It does all as avertised and I KNOW if you have some health issues this can really help you out. To think there are people in my family that have lost 20 lbs or so and all they changed is drinking this instead of thier coffee and dougnuts for breakfast.

For more info go to: or click on the picture above and order today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Romantic Dinner

Whats more romantic than a nice candle lit dinner with your beautiful wife and some pasta and meatballs? Nothing unless you make that pasta and meatballs super good for you and you add a beautiful freshly picked rose out of the garden. Yep, I give you one serving of whole wheat pasta cooked to perfection, super tasty turkey burger meat balls, served with a side of your favorite fruit or veggie.

Turkey meatballs served on a bed of Whole Wheat Pasta!

Easiest meal in the world to make! Preheat over to 375, mix turkey burger (4 oz per individual), 4 tablespoons of seasoned bread crumbs, and 2 egg whites. Use ice cream scoop and make 3 meat balls per person and place on baking sheet evenly. Bake for 20 minutes, and boil up your pasta with about 12 minutes to go. portion evenly into a bowl spread about 1/4 cup a pasta sauce over the pasta and serve.

This is a staple in our house and its one of the best meals you can try. At less than 400 calories you'll be getting full and losing a few inches in the waist at the same time. Taste buds are now satisfied!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stepping it up!

Time to get going. I mean it! Let's quit thinking we can do it some other way.

Because, unless you have the knowledge of a personal trainer or can afford one to push you every day, then workout programs such as P90X, Turbofire, or Brazil Butt Lift are the only way to go in my opinion. Why? Well, they are designed to work. A company such as Beachbody doesn't get this big by gimmicky sales pitches; I've lost 30 lbs in six months. Some of my fellow coaches have lost hundreds... Yes that's right, hundreds!
Well, I know the time is now! Best thing, I can offer you a deal. How about a 30 day free trial on a Challenge Pack? You like the program... you pay for it. You don't like... well send it back and all you'll pay is a total of 14.95 in shipping. I'd say that's a deal. Try an Awesome workout, Shakeology, and Club Membership on the Team Beachbody website for 30 days.

Email me ( and as always we can talk. You can also become a coach as I have. Its easy, fun, and the only one who can keep you from being awesome with all of this... well, that is only yourself.

Now, how are we going to step things up this coming month? Well, we are going to set some goals that is how! My goals...? Well, I want to start signing coaches. The more of you I can get to join me... well the more money we can make. So, lets shoot for five of you. Second, I'm going to get as many of you as possible doing a Challenge Pack... Hence why I really pushed it on Facebook and here today. Also, as you may remember, this is all coming together with my Challenge Group. And lastly, I still want to do a reset and in a few days I'm going to share a friends experience with it and then you'll know why. So, maybe you don't feel like a workout, well, then you can join me and five others in a reset. Its a 21 day meal plan that gets you feeling great and eating better than ever.
So that is a lot. Well, I'm almost all healed up and I'm ready to get back into this full force. What do you say to all this? I know that old hanging out at the gym ain't doing much. Skipping breakfast or eating pop tarts ain't cutting it either... Do what WORKS! Try it for free! Its worth your time and I will not let you fail.

My wife and I both believe you can do this. We both feel and look great and you can too.

On another note....  I am officially Sponsored by Steel MX Optics! GO support them as well as support me. Go to:
Steel MX Sun Glasses, look great don't they? Love the product and will be doing some modeling soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Can you believe it? Three posts in three days.... And I can't even workout. Here it is... I have new and fun changes in my life and it starts with my fitness and my hobby. Which is what this is all about.

On to the big news of the day. I think I am going to accept two sponsorship offers for racing. I've already turned down a couple others but these two are exactly what I was looking for. Now I've always considered Beachbody as my first sponsorship as all the money I make from that goes into my racing. Its nice because I was going to encourage the Beachbody products either way. By me personally selling it to you though, I get a small commission (You'd rather help a friend out right) and that has been going to my bike parts and entry fees and travel expenses. Yep, I consider this sponsorship #1 but its really not a contractual one, I'm just repping my side business were I can.

Kawi bike with the pipe I want on mine!

Back to the main topic here. This week I've gotten email offers from Yoshimura (James Stewart's main sponsor) and Steel MX Optics. I am throwing the names out here because I'm going to accept as soon as I have the dime to get my products and so I figure I can rep them a little now!

When I crashed in Brush Colorado I dinged up the bike a little. I needed a new pipe. So I started to look around. Well, I came across Yoshimura and seen they had an application open for various sponsorships. SO I applied... Yep  I got one that is worth the trouble... They are offering a good discount to me for their products which are great. I'll be glad to talk about them every chance I get. I'm sure I'll brag even more when I have the new pipe on the bike at the next race I go to.

Goggles I'll most likely be wearing at the next race.

Steel MX optics is the other one. Great offer from them. This one is a little bit harder for me to accept but only because I get really partial to clothing and sunglasses brands for no reason. So, if you know me well you know the other brand I already like. But I'm going to start giving props to Steel MX. The products look awesome and I will have fun repping them for years to come!

Check both places out for me... Heck, go get you some nice new shades or some sick goggles. If you need a new pipe for the bike or fuel map for your injectors go see Yoshimura.

This is how I work people. You support me with good products and good intentions I am going to support you. Beachbody is a great product just like these other guys and I can get you in on a heck of a deal. You use the product you'll see that it works. You can then become a coach and make a few bucks on the side as well. I'll support you all the way and you'll love the way you look and feel in the end. I doesn't matter if you could lose 5 or 125 lbs Beachbody can help and so can Shakeology. Its just like these companies think I can help them sell their product and they can help me win races.

Get results, get on my team!

Lets work together.... Sign up with my Challenge Group, get in Fantastic Shape, drink Shakeology, and come to Disney with us next spring... Yep, there is a Beachbody trip to Disney and if your a good enough coach its a free trip.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I often sit back and think about what I should bring to you, my reader. I believe some of you are moto fans, others trying to fin a tip or two on how I've lost 25 lbs over the last several months. But most of all I think you come back and read because of the respect you give to me. I thank you for this.

Cheyenne Gate, 2011 Wheatland Supercross

But during my down time due to injury I have been a little stagnant on my post frequency. First of all, I don't want to post everyday because I think I'd start to bore you with the same thing over and over again. Yet I was going to try for two times a week at a minimum. Once for race results and reports and once for bragging about my workouts. Well, I currently cant do either.

So here is what I'm going to do... I'm going to start writing about what I eat, how I prepare it, and my review of it. This is important in fitness and weight loss because this is what got that fat there and what helps make it go away. Considering I've lost five pounds since I got injured, i think I'm doing something right.

Another thing is I'm still going to write about my racing but I'll give updates and photo's about others I race with until I'm back out there. Let us hope its sooner rather than later.

But for now I'm going to throw this your way... email me at with a topic. Give me some homework, make me cook up something, challenge me, I dare you.

This blog is for you and me to connect. I don't care if you've never been on a motorcycle, I'm telling you about that because my fitness level translates through my racing. The main goal here is to help you, or maybe your brother or sister get healthy. Give you ideas, help you find what really works and motivate you through it. I truly became a Beachbody Coach because I thought I could help someone find what I've found to truly be that magic little pill... Yes, I know that pill isn't real but I believe Beachbody has the perfect formula to make you who you truly want to be when you look in the mirror.

So, take me up on this one. Challenge yourself, challenge me! We a living in these great times together and if we share our knowledge we will both become better people and our communities will be better for it.

Last thing before I get out of here today. Join me on getting back to work and feeling great in the month of July. I will have a couple groups getting together from behind our computers to start a workout in July. All that is required is a workout to do. Then you'll post about it on either a Team Beachbody message board thread I'm going to set up and/or a Facebook wall I'm going to set up. I encourage you to drink your Shakeology everyday like i do but its not a requirement this time. Trust me it is the key to cleaning out that nasty stuff in your system and jump starting you weight loss but like I said its not required. Email me when you want in.

After I finished Insanity!

Until next time I guess... Lets get to it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Homeade Flat Bread Pizza

This week I bring to you what I can do in this time of injury. How I eat. I do not eat junk food per say but I still enjoy the good food in life. There is always a way to make that food, "healthy." So here is on the the favorites in our home.

Its a flat bread pizza that when you eat the proper portion size will hit the spot, taste great, fill you up, and you'll consume less than 400 calories.

Ingredients include:
  • Tandori Naan - Stonefire Flatbread - Whole Grain
  • Jar of Pizza Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
  • Sharpe Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)
  • Any veggies you might like to add
Today we just made Cheese Flat Bread Pizza. Preheat oven to 425. Set flat bread on baking sheet and with a spoon spread pizza sauce evenly over the flatbread surface, and spread Mozzarella Cheese evenly over pizza surface. Now add your veggies and sprinkle light layer of Cheddar cheese over pizza. Lastly I like to add an Italian seasoning of a light dusting of oregano. Now bake for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted. Remove from oven, let cool, slice and serve. Generally our family eats half a single pizza is a serving.

Enjoy a favorite food of many but in a healthy, inexpensive way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What could have been...

Sunday June 12, 2012 I took to the track again as a on looker and supporter rather than a racer. I sit back and as I watch my class go around the track I think, "There is no way i get anything but first place if I'm not injured."

Pictured is Jeff768 my riding buddy who motivates me to push myself.

This is the competitor in me. I want to play, I want to race and this is probably the hardest part for me to cope with. The next track the RMXA visits is one of my favorites. IMI is fun and high flying and i can't believe I'm going to miss it too. Yep, the injury has me a little lost and I'm not sure i can handle another month.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Healhy eating and coaching

So, I've been away for awhile. Lets get you updated. I broke my collarbone about two weeks ago while competing in a race. Very painful but luckily I do not have to have surgery. As a competitor I push very hard to do things the best that I can and this was one time that I made a small mistake in a big spot and it will probably cost me 6 races this season.

To look on the bright side, it will also re-focus my eating habits and get me motivated on getting back to working hard and pushing it everyday that I can, when I can.

But first my wife and I took a short vacation to Las Vegas... It was fun but holy moly I can't eat the kind of things that I used to eat, and this was a great feeling in a way. Shakeology, well, I missed it. It does help your energy levels because I could just feel that it was not there. This is half of the weight gain/loss battle and there are so many benefits to keeping an eye on what you put in your system.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Injury Downtime: What to do Now?

As I type I cringe, I'm in pain, and I'm looking forward. Last Sunday during my final practice lap at Sweney Cycle Park I crashed. That happens, but this one was a bad crash, which also happens. But I'm here now waiting to heal so I can get back to racing again.

The worst part is not the injury, though a broken Collarbone really hurts. The worst part is I loved that track and I felt really fast there. I was smooth, solid and totally under control. Sounds kind of funny that I think I was under control and smooth but crashed huh? Well, a fluke or slight miss hap that happened so fast is what took me down.
Not me but very similar to what happened in my crash. I think my shoulder would be planted in the ground here!