Monday, June 25, 2012

Stepping it up!

Time to get going. I mean it! Let's quit thinking we can do it some other way.

Because, unless you have the knowledge of a personal trainer or can afford one to push you every day, then workout programs such as P90X, Turbofire, or Brazil Butt Lift are the only way to go in my opinion. Why? Well, they are designed to work. A company such as Beachbody doesn't get this big by gimmicky sales pitches; I've lost 30 lbs in six months. Some of my fellow coaches have lost hundreds... Yes that's right, hundreds!
Well, I know the time is now! Best thing, I can offer you a deal. How about a 30 day free trial on a Challenge Pack? You like the program... you pay for it. You don't like... well send it back and all you'll pay is a total of 14.95 in shipping. I'd say that's a deal. Try an Awesome workout, Shakeology, and Club Membership on the Team Beachbody website for 30 days.

Email me ( and as always we can talk. You can also become a coach as I have. Its easy, fun, and the only one who can keep you from being awesome with all of this... well, that is only yourself.

Now, how are we going to step things up this coming month? Well, we are going to set some goals that is how! My goals...? Well, I want to start signing coaches. The more of you I can get to join me... well the more money we can make. So, lets shoot for five of you. Second, I'm going to get as many of you as possible doing a Challenge Pack... Hence why I really pushed it on Facebook and here today. Also, as you may remember, this is all coming together with my Challenge Group. And lastly, I still want to do a reset and in a few days I'm going to share a friends experience with it and then you'll know why. So, maybe you don't feel like a workout, well, then you can join me and five others in a reset. Its a 21 day meal plan that gets you feeling great and eating better than ever.
So that is a lot. Well, I'm almost all healed up and I'm ready to get back into this full force. What do you say to all this? I know that old hanging out at the gym ain't doing much. Skipping breakfast or eating pop tarts ain't cutting it either... Do what WORKS! Try it for free! Its worth your time and I will not let you fail.

My wife and I both believe you can do this. We both feel and look great and you can too.

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