Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What could have been...

Sunday June 12, 2012 I took to the track again as a on looker and supporter rather than a racer. I sit back and as I watch my class go around the track I think, "There is no way i get anything but first place if I'm not injured."

Pictured is Jeff768 my riding buddy who motivates me to push myself.

This is the competitor in me. I want to play, I want to race and this is probably the hardest part for me to cope with. The next track the RMXA visits is one of my favorites. IMI is fun and high flying and i can't believe I'm going to miss it too. Yep, the injury has me a little lost and I'm not sure i can handle another month.

It is often said that these are the times that make you who you are. Well this is going to make me stronger in the long run but this is my favorite time of the year.

Pictured is me, Pete, riding muddy ruts in Berthoud, CO earliers this season.

OK, I'll stop whining now.

What to do in the mean time is the question. I think the answer is shape up my eating, let my bone heal, and start off back with round two of Insanity Come July, when I can!

Click on banner above to get your copy of Insanity and join my workout group next month.

This sets up my next workout group. July is going to be the time. This time I'm going to start an accountability thread on Team Beachbody and I am going to change up my facebook site that is doing nothing for those that want to join there. The requirements are to have Insanity (going to do a little something for those not wanting to do that program as well). I'm going to encourage Shakeology but its not a must this time. Its a must in my world but for this moment getting people going with the work out will be enough. If you start with me in July and complete the entire 60 days not only will you be able to send in to get your tee shirt but you can also (if I'm your coach) talk to me and I'll chip in a reward for completion as well.

Its time you do this with me. It will help you in all areas of life and in 60 days you'll look in the mirror and not even recognize yourself even if you in good shape your going to be in GREAT shape.

So, lets do this! I'm ready! I know i can't force your hand but next time think of why your reading this... is it because you truly want to do something about you physical condition? Stop waiting and thinking things are going to change with you doing what your already doing. Lets make the change that you know works and just push play everyday! I encourage the Challenge Pack so you get everything you need but this time i want you to go Insane! No one i know has been disappointed. And you wont be either unless you disappoint yourself and not take on this challenge when its right here for the taking.

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