Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have to say... one thing I like about Beachbody workouts is the advice given during the workouts. Shaun T is awesome with this in Asylum. He talks about staying in control weather going fast or slow and how important this is. Do you realize how much this translates to racing. I think this was the key to my 3rd overall finish last week.

Another one is the mental game that goes with working out. Your body needs the workout but if you leave it up to your mind your probably going to blow it off... This makes so much sense and it keeps me pushing play every day. I've got to say. I think this advise my wife and I have received over the last few months from Beachbody Trainers is so good and so awesome that I'm sure all the good things happening to us here recently is because of it.

Tomorrow is the next race. Lets see how all this work plays into everything and I'll update you on Monday on it. As Shaun T says, "Peace!"

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