Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Goal is to help!

So, I find myself just trying to give advice. Trying to help those in need and share my experiences. To be honest... I could give a &$!# if I sell anything. I just want people to get healthy, get in shape, and not DIE of a heart attack. Half of the job of a Beachbody coach is talking with those that you coach, and to be honest with you, you get the same out of them as you get out of all those you know personally. Nothing. Now, I have learned to not take this personally because when I get my chance to give my opinion to someone willing to listen they genuinely believe me and are satisfied with what I have to say.

I like to talk about my father-in-law lately because he was one of the first to listen. You know what has happened. IT WORKED! He's lost weight, feels great, and is losing inches on his waist weekly. So, n=much so that his children and other parts of the family are starting to ask what is going on.

I am here today telling you this because I had a coach in my group of coaches inquire the team about a problem he is having from one of his customers. I gave my advise and it really seemed to hit home with the group. We are in this fight to keep our family, our friends, and everyone we know around us, well, around us. As long as I can keep my family (love or hate 'em) around me, I'm going to do just that. If I can help you get active, get healthy, and (for most Americans) get skinny I will do what ever it takes.

Of course I'm going to promote my product... IT HONESTLY WORKS! (look at me, I'm wearing a sweat shirt I wore for my senior pictures today and its looser on me now than it was then) But even if you don't want the product I'm willing to talk with you, get a plan going, and lets get you in shape. I'm doing the things I love... I build roads, I coach, and for fun I ride. Who can really say they are totally happy with the way life is going. I can! And I believe most of you are right there just needing a simple boost to get to that point as well.

Contact me and lets get this started. I want to help, so let me. If not, no worries I know the next person will take it and join me in this fight.

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