Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Falling into place

I have been a little quite over the last week for a reason. That reason it focus. I have been zeroing in on form and mistakes and correcting both. One thing Shaun T stresses in the Asylum is control and focus and this I found really translates to the real world competition. Let me explain.
After getting back from the D25 race in Sterling, CO I sat down to think of what is going wrong with my racing. I had never found the ground this much in such easy situations. One I am getting faster and I know this. Two, this extra speed is causing more issues and making me finish at a worse position.

So, I took a few days and while doing my Asylum Speed & Agility workout Shaun T stressed form and control. "You can be fast but if your not in control you will not do good." It hit me, I need to practice more and figure it out. SO, I hit the track 4 times in between races and plan to do more of this over the coming weeks. Every chance I get I'm going to hit the track even if its for 1 hour. Practice starts, jumping, braking, and most importantly cornering. I need to have good form in all of this. I also need to have the conditioning to keep the form to the checkered flag. This is why I am doing the Beachbody Workouts and stressing nutrition. Drinking water and having good energy in my body will keep the muscles fresh through a 4 lap moto.

What did I find through my practices? Well I found that I was looking three feet ahead while I was in the corner, I should be looking 25 feet in front of me. This is something that is going to take sometime to correct but when I do look ahead I am FAST coming out of the corner. So much so that I have been over jumping jumps on occasion.

Cornering seems to be the key to winning races. The top riders in every class can jump every jump at any track. The pros are just those that can run it deep before hitting the brakes and then quickly through the corner and on to the next jump. Between me and the top pros on the tracks I've been riding I'd say I have about 20 seconds to find but that is why you start at the C class and move up over the years. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be riding at about a B rider pace.

Well, on to why things are starting to come together. This weekend at Milliken, CO I lined up to race my +30 C race. We had the usual competition and of course a few newbies but I was focused on what I had been working on. Quick start and corner well. Only thing... I HATE ruts and this is the ruttiest track on the circuit.

The first gate drops and we are off and running. Holy molly I come around to the first jump and I'm in Third place.Now is the time to focus and I did just that... Held my spot all the way through and came in third. Very, very exciting. Only thing is motocross is two motos and you must be consistent. Gate two. Well, I'll let you judge...

Very fun race. The only thing I will do different next time is push to get in front of that guy early. I might have pulled a 2nd place if I would have pulled out in front of him early but hey its progress and this thing is coming together. My fitness is great and the only reason I get winded is that I'm pushing faster and faster the better shape I get in. Also, I'm getting my form down and now you could probably see in the video I was looking ahead. Now I did manage to not use ruts in most cases here. That is something I will have to work on over time. That must be something I enjoy about this sport. I've been riding for years now, racing a couple, and I'm learning more everyday. I think its the case for everyone always. I hope my future kids one day have this passion and drive to constantly learn.

Well, this weekend did one thing for sure. It showed me the importance of practice and of form. Both are something I'm going to keep working on at least two times a week if I can. Also, I can forget to plug my Beachbody products again because being in shape and being able to to what I want when I want is so awesome. I challenge you to take on a challenge pack. There are many workouts. All of them work (or I can assure you I wouldn't be coaching) and the supplements... well I can't seem to find a honest bad review. Worth its weight (and your weight loss) in GOLD! Shakeology benefits and actual nutrition CAN NOT be beat. No matter what the others say.

Contact me if you'd like to know more about any of this. Racing, Shakeology, Workouts... what ever it is I'm ready to talk. I honestly can't believe you are not ready to look good and feel great. So, I can take the guess work out and finally get you on track with a healthy new you. I guess the question would be are you willing to work to become something I know you desire. ANYONE can be skinny, healthy and do it very easily. Give up that $6 dollar value meal and replace it with a Healthy tasty shake that tastes great and fills you up just the same. Replace that soda with water and watch that fat just melt off and you too will be more active and you will start enjoying more in life. I will put my word on it. Oh and everything sold has at least a 30 day money back deal... Email me NOW!

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