Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Always Ready to Help

This I believe will just plain be a mixed bag type of post... I have a lot on the mind but nothing too exciting to just go off about. First off I'll recap the weekends racing and the upcoming holiday fun in the flat lands of Colorado. Then I'll get into a little fitness talk with my readers.

I must say, this last weekends racing was super fun but nothing to write home about when it comes to how I did. But hey, I race the C class so the only reason I'm out there is for fun.

We had a big race class this weekend and a lot of new faces on the line. It was a bit different then the last couple weeks where nearly everyone on the line I recognized... This time I recognized three others and two of them where those that I am trying to catch in points. First race I was really mixing it up. Felt like I was up front but when all said and done I was 14th out of about 22. This was disappointing to me but I couldn't let it get me down. It was only the first moto.

Now I am really getting to know a few of my competitors out on the circuit and one that is about the same skill level right now but over half my age is a young girl, I'll call her Sam45. Sam45 is a young 13 yr old B class riding girl. (B class girls can race +30 C men) I'm going to keep my eye on Sam45 the rest of the season. One reason is she is racing really well, passes clean, and is getting to be really fast. She is 2nd in our point this season and every race I seem to be one spot behind her. I'm going to make a point of trying to finish ahead of her this season in every race but that is going to be a task.

Another reason is she has taken the time to come wish me luck before races and she has also come to me to talk a little racing. This past weekend at Berthoud she came to me before moto two and told me she was laying up on the uphill double coming out of the "canyon." This jump is by far the most nervy jump out on this track if you've never jumped it but once you hit it you say, "That was easy!" So, me being Mr. Nice guy gave some advise to the competition that I'm trying to beat. I said, "Just over jump that thing! It's a really easy jump and if you over shoot it it is no biggie. Just hold that throttle on and jump it. Really, its no big deal."

Well, needless to say I finished two spots behind Miss Sam45 and she came running over to our camp after the race telling my wife, "I jumped it! He was right it was so easy, I can't believe I wasn't jumping it before!"

Well, over all this date I ran well. Finished 9th in Moto 2 for a 12th overall Finish but held my spot at 3rd in the points. This track is very fun but I must say. I rode the best I have in a long time but this is a popular track that everyone knows well. So the competition was stiff and though I wasn't top 3 again like I was expecting I had tons of fun and hopefully the pictures here show that.

AS for next weekend. We have a double header. Sunday is going to be the normal race, but we will stay the night and take on the next D25 race on Monday. Both in the plains of Colorado farm land. Brush, Colorado is the place to be this weekend if your racing in the RMXA series. Lets hope this track is my kind of track. Never been there before but I hear its easy fast and fun. We will see!

As for fitness, well my body finally said STOP! Yep I had to take an unplanned rest day yesterday because my body was just plain wore down to nothing. You see when you get fit and your in great shape sometimes that person that used to be all the time lazy turns into this gotta keep moving monster. Yes I was at the point where I was going to work all day, working out, then practicing my racing or playing softball everyday... then if I didn't work I was doing nearly 8 hours of house work. But Monday my body just plain told me, "That is enough!" So, I listened and took yesterday off and watch a movie with my wife. Well, worth it but now back to work.

That being said, I have not done well trying to get you the reader on my side of trying to get healthy. So, lets throw an offer out. If you buy a Ultimate Reset, a Challenge Pack, or Shakeology HD order from MY site in the month of may you will get at minimum a free shirt. This is just a small incentive to get you jump started on the path to feeling like a Million bucks. I STRONGLY recommend the Challenge pack, its how I got my start into Insanity and my favorite meal of the day Shakeology. Many of us can give credit to the hard work with how fit we are today but I really don't think I'd be so close to my goal today without my daily Shakeology. Join my team and lets get you lean, healthy, and feeling great today. I love it, my wife and her family love it, and you will too. If your not sure on a program email me and we will get the right one for you.

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