Sunday, May 6, 2012

Practice in the Asylum

Finally! Back to work this week. Two things I know I needed and accomplished this week. One, get back to working out. I took two weeks off to get things around the house completed and I could feel myself falling out of shape fast. The other thing I needed to do... Hit the track for some practice time. I figure a lot of my race day mistakes could be ironed out if I practiced a little more. Both Items this week go a BIG check mark.

Lets start this post with the Asylum. Great, great workout but I will suggest doing things in order. Start with insanity and then follow it up with the Asylum. You'll be better prepared for everything. So far I can see the benefits this program is going to bring me. Just like Insanity, I will be doing some bragging about Insanity the Asylum when all is said and done. This workout is exactly what I was thinking I needed to be added to the last workout.

Weights, bands, pull-up bar, jump rope, and the agility ladder are the equipment used here in the Asylum. Day one during the agility drills I was having all kinds of problems. This is a good thing though. My coordination and agility (control over how and what my body is doing) needed work. So far in this workout I sweat like there is no tomorrow and I can feel the effects almost every morning. After just one week I can already feel the positive effects this program is going to have on my racing and on my body. So stay tuned and you'll see if I'm correct. This workout is only a 30 program so we should see results soon.

I bring up the workout and the benefits being see early for one reason. The agility work, I think, has already helped my racing and cornering. We will see a week from today if I can pull out some good results at the Miliken race. But in my two practice sessions this week I felt faster than usual.

Practice was something I need to make a regular habit of. Even if its just a couple 20 minute sessions on a Thursday after work. Practice, practice, practice is important in this world of racing. Mainly because cornering is something that requires proper form and your form can slip if things are not repeated over and over. Also, I needed lots of work on running into the corner hard and then blitzing out of that corner as fast as possible. I will help keep me going week in and week out where corners have been my nemesis these last couple of weeks... Lets hope they become my friend here soon,

In both worlds, fitness and actual competition form is key. Shaun T reminds you of this many times and I know this is why I need to work and work to get better, get faster, and be more competitive week in and week out. As always if you want to start improving almost everything in your life, I'm free to chat.

I'm writing this and my story because I've joined the fight to make this world and the lives of myself and others better. Just about everyone I know at one time or another has struggled with staying in good health. I'm wanting to help I'm wanting to do what is right. This is why I like to start with a program and Shakeology. This will jump start your food intake and your fitness. Less advanced programs are available and nothing is better that having a shake filled with super foods that in my world and some of my families has proven to control cravings and it has helped everyone I know lose weight.

I have to say you gotta see that I'm not just trying to push product. Most of the time lately I've been sending and offering gifts that are worth more than I'd make on the product sale anyway. Its true. I believe this whole package is working in many different ways.

 I assure you that by the end of this month I'll be able to tell you that I'm lighter than I've been in the past 15 years at a minimum.

So, contact me, lets talk and just remember. Your life is worth every penny you spend on it. At least I think my body is worth putting healthy natural great foods in it and burning calories and keep myself in great health is worth it. Its time to make this life worth living and fun in the process. So, join me! You know you want to.

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