Monday, April 30, 2012

D25 weekend

The first weekend for D25 RMXA racing is in the books. Overall I was consistent this weekend but the track was not one that I'm looking forward to going back to. Thankfully we go back one more time this year and by then thing will be set and I can just ride.

First of all, deep sand is not my friend. I love to just twist the throttle and go, and here you twist and twist and you still go slow. Not to mention i had a big crash in practice because other riders can't follow the simple rule of, "Roll right and Jump Left." Needless to say I'm now considering putting my Asylum Start date that I was SOOOO looking forward to back a couple more days. While I ice my wounds at least.

Speaking of fitness levels. I'm down to 162 lbs. This is my lowest weight since at least 17 years of age. That means I'm most likely in the best shape I've been in for the past 14 years. I can't believe it and that is really why I have to document this here. I'm really not trying to sell anything its more or less just bragging about what I've found to work. If you ever have something that give you such great results wont you just tell everyone you know and even don't know about it? Well, I'd think life would be pretty cool if others did this and got the kind of results that I've been getting. My ultimate goal used to be to get to 155 and right now I think I can get to 150. With the help of Shakeology and my workouts I can get there.

Now back to racing. I'm 4th in points and starting to figure things out. I am getting a bit better at starting (with my own bike) and cornering is getting a bit better. My home track is a month away and I would like to podium before then. My best shot will be Berthoud in three weeks I believe. But I've got to have a good couple weeks of workouts. I need this and want this and will put in the work to do so.

That was probably the lesson learned this past few weeks. I need to put in the work. I want to be fit and in shape and healthy. Well, I gotta do just that. Workout, eat right, and be healthy. Racing I want to be fast. So, I need to start hitting the track more often, practice corners and watch my technique. It a must I just have to do it. Same with you, when are you going to stop just thinking about it and start doing it.

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