Friday, April 20, 2012

Success in a Better You

Here I sit. Working away the day and planning for the big outdoor weekend. I have talked and engaged in many good conversations with so many different people about different things. But the one thing I keep running into is people that say they were having rough time yet when they tell me their story they seem to be having great success.

I want to put these successes out there for you, for everyone, and for those that had them. Everyone needs a bit of help along the path of being healthy, they need help staying on track, and the helpee needs that very same thing. I draw inspiration from those that are willing to share. It really does help one keep right. But for this to happen I need those willing to try.

With only 10 or so days left in the month of April, I'm going to start rewarding those that are willing to try. Shakeology in Home Direct, the new Ultimate Reset in HD or a Challenge Pack workout program will get some free swag from me. Plus we are going to keep in close contact so I can document the changes you feel and see right here in my blog. I already have some success with weight loss from P90X and Insanity, also success stories from Shakeology (Only change made was switching a meal for ShakeO and visible weight loss and more energy was the reward for this story). My personal successes I share with you all the time but I'd like to hear yours.

Have you made the choice to join me? Click on the following link to go to my site and visit the section you'd like to try. Shop for a Challenge Pack, Learn more about Ultimate Reset, or Try Shakeology HD. Here is the link: call me with questions on this today 307-286-9264.

Your probably thinking, "What kind of stories?" Well, I'd like to write a blog one of these days that are all about YOUR experience. Good and bad alike. I will note every ones story that starts here before the end of the month. So far I have a guy that Insanity has leaned him up with good weight loss results, two guys have lost MAJOR weight with Insanity and P90X and plan to loose much more (both started as large sized men) and then there are a few girls that have lost 20+ pounds and one was just in Phase 1 of three in P90X. I have a family member that has had great success with energy levels and weight loss, and this has been a struggle he has been fighting for a long time, and all he did was start replacing a meal with Shakeology.

So, I throw this out to you. I will be your personal coach on this if you buy from my site (if you are already a Beachbody customer and I am not your coach please email me first). Then get in touch with me at and we will get started.

Also, for those that might be interested in becoming a coach and getting paid to workout there is a bonus incentive for signing up while getting a challenge pack. We can talk about that via email or phone if this interests you. Also, keep in mind that all coaches get 25% off all beachbody products.

So join me today and lets get the healthy you going. Life is just too short to not be active and have fun. I want to share your story, and it will be better than mine I know it!

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