Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Racing in the Springs

Colorado race weekend in the springs was fun and rough all rolled up into one. First off the wife and I were traveling without our racing buddy Jeff this weekend. No big deal, more us time right? Well, The trip down on Saturday was a nice drive and we arrived with the help of the GPS just in time to hit the track running.

This was the first time I had ever been to Wild Rat Raceway and it was set in an amazing desert landscape surrounded by cliffs and the dirt was more sandy than I'm used to. The track was big and looked fast. My kind of track. So I thought! I hit practice for the first time to figure the track out. I ran about three laps and was hitting almost every jump out there. It was going to be fun.

Well, off to my next practice. I ran three good laps and on the forth I shifted into neutral... this caused a small slip up in the corner. Well I thought it was a small slip up. I got back on and took the the track again but this time I noticed that my bike kept shifting into neutral. This concerned me but I headed to the finish line and back to the truck. I instantly start checking the clutch the shifter everything. Well, my ASV lever (I thought the were unbreakable) was broke. I swapped it and found out that practice was over. Cool, I'll just take a ride down the road and check to see if everything is working ok. Well, its not! I only have 2nd gear. Bummer, weekend over before it starts.

Is it over though? No, its not! I had to drop the +25 race but I was able to barrow a bike for my +30 race. The other Wyoming family we knew there let us barrow their Kawi for my race... Life saver I tell ya.

Well, once again so I thought. Race one... Stalled on the start line and had to ride like I stole it to get back to 10th. Second race... disappointing. I got too aggressive on lap one and took myself out... I finished 13th and this gave me an overall 11th place. I was bummed. What makes it even worse, I was probably the fastest guy on the track during this race. I guess you learn and move on right? I know I have the skill and speed now I just have to make better split second decisions to not end my own day.

Now bike is in the shop and hopefully it'll be ready for racing by this weekend. I am currently in 6th in points but I have 80% pf the season left to change this and I only have two tracks left that I've never been to. Lets get-er done!

The nice thing is that my fitness level was great. The heat didn't have a big effect on me this race weekend but I do need to get back at a little strength training. On a side note, my weight is down to 164. This is the lightest I've been since 1999. I owe this to beachbody workouts and Shakeology.

Now, while at the races my wife had a long conversation with her father and he informed us that Shakeology has helped him lose 10 lbs in the last month and is feeling great. This is the only thing he has changed. He now has a ShakeO for breakfast everyday. His energy levels are up and he doesn't seem to crave the junk he used to. This is great news, he has been trying forever.

Well, races this weekend are in Sterling, CO and are the first RMXA D25 Championships. This is exciting and an new opportunity to get off to a good start in a different Championship.

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