Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Beachbody Coaching?

I guess its a good time to give my reasons, my reasons for being a Beachbody Coach that is. I already have an awesome job as a Project Engineer, why pursue a career with Beachbody also? Well, this is a very complex and simple answer all in one. I want to be and stay healthy.

Yep its that simple, but here comes the complex part. How? Well, by coaching I am always staying in contact with healthy people, getting new ideas from them all the time and everyday I have someone approach me with some sort of question about something in this field. It keeps me thinking, keeps me talking and it keeps me on track.

Helping others is the major goal here. I'd like to help my family and friends more but right now they look at me like some crazy health nut that we should just ignore and this phase will pass. The crazy thing though is my grand father has gone through countless by-pass surgeries, he has blood circulation problems, my great grandma has had a stoke, her husband died of a heart attack, my wife's uncle is gone way to soon due to heart problems, high bad cholesterol runs in the family, diabetes almost got my grandpa on my moms side, both my parents have bad knee problems and so on and so on. I'm sure most of your families are the same way... Now, lets look at this again. Who is the crazy nut?

This is an American epidemic that needs addressing. Not by our government but by us. Yes we need to address this at our level and correct this problem before all our children steer down this same path.

This is where Beachbody steps in. When I first started asking about coaching I was sent a webinar by my coach's brother Alvin. This webinar talked about all the money making that was possible and such which is all great but then they got to the Beachbody Mission... "End the Trend!" This stuck with me. End the Trend of Obesity. End the trend of heart disease, end strokes, end everything bad thing we have control over. Yes we have control over ourself. We can lose weight, we can live longer and healthier and it doesn't have to be torture.

So, here I am doing my best to express to all of you, all of my family that eating healthy is a start, exercising regularly is even better and its not that expensive when its worth it. I started P90X last fall, I became a coach when I visited the doctor in January and they looked at me like I was a different person... She told me, "I have to say your in perfect condition." Blood pressure was phenomenal, I was 100% hydrated, and all my blood work came in perfect. I owe this all to Beachbody, I owe this to my Shakeology, and I owe it to my Omega-3s. This is my start and I plan on being like this for the rest of my life. I don't want my kids to experience in 20 year at the age of 51 their father having a heart attack and having to put him 6 feet under. If I go at that age its not going to be something I have control over. This is a FACT.

So, I guess you can say that being a coach is more for me than it is for those I coach. I often feel that I may help you along your path to being a healthy you, but you teach me SOOOO much more. I hope to do the Ultimate Reset here soon because this is supposed to clean out your system of all the Toxins out there. But Like I have mentioned before. I'm not going to do this unless I have others with me this time. You are my inspiration. Your desire to be healthy not only inspires those around you but it inspires me your Beachbody Coach. If you want you can join my team, you can join me in this life long quest, and I can help you get started. Sign up by going here, then you and I can get going in this journey.

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