Saturday, April 14, 2012

Insanity: 60 days to a better you!

Well, today was my final day of Insanity. It was probably the quickest 60 days I've ever felt and I have to say this is my kind of program. It is a bit advanced but this program does as advertised. Can't wait to send in my picture because I can honestly say that after this workout I can finally see some abs. This is a first for me.

Let me first say that when I got this program I had already done P90X once through. P90X did wonders but Insanity seemed to just melt fat away fast. P90X convinced me this was possible so at the time I ordered Insanity I also became a coach and got the program as a Challenge Pack. I highly recommend getting the challenge pack because it also gets you going with Shakeology. I really get behind the shake because I feel it works. I feel better, I've lost weight and I have less cravings for junk. I for one cannot say I have more energy but I can say my wife's father seems to have A LOT more energy, and that is his only change in life style. Also the Recovery Formula Beachbody offers is a great way to get going again after the work is over.

Now back to Insanity. This program requires no weights, which is often a bonus for those wanting to first try this out. I for one love the energy Shaun T has and I really like the format. Be ready though, your going to say, "Holy COW! What am I getting into." And that will just be the warm up. But after a week you'll be feeling better already. Get through the first month.... well you'll be feeling great and motivated.

Next comes the MAX workouts. Well some might have been getting a little bored with the first month but these max workouts make you feel like its day one all over again. There is a reason why you here from most people that the second month is where most see the most changes in their body. I have a theory for this but I am no expert. My theory is the first month is for getting you into good shape. Once in shape you'll be doing hard cardio for a longer time to get the full benefit of the max workout, hence most tend to lose more fat in this month.

Well to wrap this review up, I LOVE this workout and will recommend this workout to anyone that is already in decent shape. Also, I'd suggest this to those that like to run. Yes, I believe that a runner could benefit from this and since I am a motocrosser, I suggest it for you MX riders as well (in fact the above picture is my new graphics for my bike, I believe in this workout). You will improve your times, your overall speed, and your agility if you give it your best in this workout. I will proudly wear my shirt when I get it because I truly did "EARN IT!"

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