Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Racing & Ultimate Reset

Well peeps! I had two things going on this weekend. One, was Beachbodies Super Saturday, informational and helpful also I like to see whats coming and why. This presentation unveiled a new supplement pack called Ultimate Reset.

The Idea behind this is a 21 day supplement cycle that is going to clean all the toxins and everything out of your system. It something that I know I need to do. But here is the thing, this is NOT something I'm going to do on my own. I need a few people that are willing to talk with me back and forth via text, email or facebook that will be doing it also. This is one area I struggle with and I'm calling out to all you that also struggle with diet to join with me.

This is not a workout, its just a supplement cycle that is going to help us shed more pounds and feel better in 21 days. So contact me as always at or click on the picture above and buy your Ultimate HD pack today. When I get some support on this I will jump in with you and do this. And of course I will be giving a review of the product and include your opinions in on it as well.

Now, on to number two, racing. Not a great weekend but in the race that mattered I came out in good shape. I think the one guy I look at and say I need to beat him is going to be unbeatable this season but I'm going to continue on giving it my best shot. The weather was pretty much crappy around here this weekend and the rain SOAKED the track the night before the race. Well, needless to say a dirt bike in mud is not fun... you might as well be riding on ice for all I care.

Well, back to the actual racing. To recap the first two RMXA races, I finished 7th overall after a first moto accident at IMI (I was hit from behind on the start) and then 13th overall after Milliken (Here I was plowed by an out of control bike from behind and sent to the medical tent). Overall in the points I was sitting at 6th after those races.

Well then comes the mudder. Hopefully this will be the last this season because I truly HATE mud after this. In practice, every time I thought I was getting things figured out the mud would reach out and grab my bike and I'd go flying. Same with my practice race. I crashed so much that not falling in my main moto was all I cared about.

Well, the 30+ C race (the one I'm racing to compete in) is here and we are lined up on the gate. The gate dropped and we are off... well, everyone else was but I must have been in 3rd gear instead of 2nd because I was left in the dust. On a muddy track like this passing is HARD to do but I guess as long as I'm in better shape I can make up time right? Often very true and this was the case again. I need to really work on getting ahead of everyone at the start because life is so much easier when your not working so hard to get by these slower riders.

So, I worked high lines, worked hitting every jump and in this race I did not find the ground once. I had guys trying to block me from passing but to no avail I rallied and pushed and got everything I could out of my bike. I ended up finishing 5th. The best finish of the year (overall best finish, IMI I had a 3rd place in moto two which got me up to 6th for the day). Still nothing to bring home to show how hard I've been working but in my mind I'm right there. Bike is working great and my fitness is great as well, I can point to many examples to how this is a benefit. Overall, this day tested my fitness level, it tested my strength, and tested my mental strength. I think this weekend though not all that fun show me for me and I think the future looks great. Now we can look forward to week 4 in Colorado Springs!

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