Friday, April 13, 2012

My Story

Well, my transformation story starts awhile back. Five or so years before I discovered Beachbody products; it begins during my senior year of college at the University of Wyoming. I lived by myself, and the2006 winter Olympics were in full force. It was mid-terms time and I had not slept in nearly 36 hours and it was 3 am and I had a big exam at 8 am. I remember all this because I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and I was watching the Czech hockey team play Latvia. Yep you guessed it I never got to sleep and I ended up taking the exam and my head was literally all messed up.

At this point in time I was pushing 220 to 230 lbs., a smoker, and had no direction in my life what so ever. I visited the doc… What did she tell me? Well, one I was depressed and that is what caused the sleepless nights. Two, I need to lose weight. 220 normally isn’t real bad but I’m short, yep I’m just a little guy and that means I should be somewhere around 155 MAX.

At that time I found the treadmill, my bicycle, and running shoes. This held me down to 175-180 for about four to five years. At this time though, if I ever ate more than 1500 calories in a day. Well, I'd gain what really seemed to be five pounds. This was slowly pulling me back to where I had come from years ago.

Family problems and my Professional Engineers Exam slowly got me into the rut once again. Well, then November 2011 came around. I had met this cool kid on the Team Beachbody site and he led me to this group of individuals that called themselves Team Matrix, and they have been nothing but great in support of my transormation. So, I sat down the night after taking my PE exam and said its time to change things. I started P90X, November 1, with the goal of getting things going right.

I did it religiously... Even Christmas morning and New Year’s Day and by mid-January I was feeling great and the weather was nice. My passion of Motocross was about to get more passionate. I was invited to hit the track with my friends. I had so much strength in my arms and I was in such great shape that I earned the nick name of Iron Man on the track that week. I could finally feel the effects of what I was doing. To be honest, at this time nearly at the end of the 90 days I had only lost 5 pounds. I was down from 183 to 178. P90X got me down to 173 by the end but I was visually different, attitude was awesome and I was eyeing Insanity.

Final piece to this puzzle for me, my grandpa over the past four years or so was having all type of heart problems. I started reading books on how this is happening and how it’s an American (western) diet problem. And in this January where I was finally putting things together I realized I might be able to help a few others figure it out with the help of Beachbody. I found myself staring at the link on the Team Beachbody website to become a coach every day. So, I did it! I signed up and bought the Insanity Challenge pack.

Lastly, Shaun T has been the one to finally get me over that last hurdle. The 170 hurdle was now long gone and I had no plans on slowing down (I’m now at 158). Shaun T made my motocross even easier and I’ve even gotten a couple sponsorship offers. I owe my happiness and my success in work and play to Beachbody and Team Matrix.

Lets hear your story!

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