Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who Made Me FAT!

Whew! What a holiday week!? The wife and I went up north to visit her family for the fourth and man was if HOT but still a lot of fun. Fireworks are not a big deal to me mainly because my poor little pup is very scared of the sound. So, we generally watch them from a distance.

This trip makes my blog for one reason. Its you! The reasons we gain weight is mainly the one person that has control over YOU! Yep, we have family that struggle with this just like you and I. The problem most people have is accepting responsibility for their actions. Once you do this you can learn to control the bad habits and control the cravings and control the binge eating. But you must understand that you are the under control of you.

The issue comes to be that some people don't want to say no to others out of respect. Is it respectful though that your lack of being able to stand up for you will eventually lead to massive heart failure? I think I'd rather offend a Father or Father-in-Law when I don't go back for seconds of thirds because I'm controlling my portion size than to suffer through living with 40 or more extra lbs of fat. I'd also rather look silly jumping up and down in my living room for an hour or more a night to keep myself in shape as well. Which would you choose?

My point is simple. Stop blaming the boyfriend, or the mother that love to cook that wonderful home cooked meal, and the fast food joint that you can keep from stopping at, the cookie isle, or even the door-to-door food salesman. Let look in the mirror. See that person staring back at you? That person is more than likely not anymore spacial than the one I see. That person staring back at you has the control and the power. And that person will make the difference in weather you carry your six pack in the form of cans or in the form of ABS!

That all leads me to my 6 week challenge group. This group, which is going strong already, is just me, you, and a few others sharing how well we do eating wise during the days. I posted just today about how I was running short on time and ShakeO is perfect for that. I also talked about my breakfast burrito that was super tasty and less than 300 calories.

You see once you realize your under control you can start looking at whats on the plate. Food is fuel, we put fuel in the car to make it go, not to make it feel good. Personally I'd like to put the High Octane in my body, not the cheap crap that makes a knocking noise as I'm driving down the street. This is what will help you look your best, feel your best and make that workout visibly work. Its also half the equation in the weight loss secret. Eat good foods you body will run properly. You may feel good for a sec eating crap food but soon after you'll realize that it was nothing more than a short high... Which is why you crave more.

Join us in this challenge, start you engine inside and get your body running great, leave a comment or email me and we will get you in... I know you want it, right?

Email me at: mx83pete@beachbodycoach.com lets start a conversation on what you want out of this.

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