Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chinese Chicken, YUM!

So, we don't ALWAYS eat the healthiest meals in the world. This is when we really control our portion size to limit the calories. One serving of this meal is around 450 is my best guess. But this one is in our weekly menu because it is just soooooo yummy! We call it our Homemade Chinese Chicken. Here is what you need. Per person: one chicken breast, one serving of brown rice, one bottle of sweet and sour sauce for cooking, peanut oil, and corn starch.

To prepare this you'll cut of the chicken in to small chunks (about 1 inch by 1 inch), place the chicken in a bowl with just enough corn starch to cover the chicken. Have the rice cooking and we personally use a Wok to fry chicken. Have the oil heating at this time. I usually try to start cooking the rice (boil in a bag) at the same time as I start the Chicken. Both take about 10 minutes to fully cook. Now take the chicken and fry it up in the walk. Stirring often. Once chicken is cooked turn off heat but keep it in the wok. Cover with the sauce and let it heat up in the walk while you portion out the rice properly on a small plate. Now use a big spoon to portion out the chicken on top of the bed of rice. Enjoy!

Yummy my favorite cheat meal of every week!

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