Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Updates for the future!

So here is the newest update! I'm separating this blog from my fitness a little this is now going to be an exclusive Motoblog for you to enjoy. Weekly updates on my racing and riding adventures! This will be fun!

As for an update here. I went and put a few laps down at Two River Motocross down in Miliken, CO! Great track and great riding this past weekend. I was laying down some great laps until my bike decided it needed to take another nap on me and it kicked me off for another riding.

Don't worry nothing was broke this time but I did manage to become VERY sore again. I will rest up and prepare for a weekend of racing down in Colorado Springs.

I will have a full race report with photos this next week. Until then. Check out the new fitness log I have at


  1. When are you racing in Co Springs? I am thinking we will be there in a couple of weeks also!

  2. Susan we will be there this weekend July 29 at Wildrat Reaceway. Its the Final race down there for the RMXA series and its a D25 race. Next weekend we will be in Lakewood where they race the National Race! Looking forward to that one!

  3. We are still in Ponca City today and tomorrow. Don't know if we will be racing this weekend, but Lakewood might be possible! My son does really well there. He was D25 champ in the 250b class last year. I,will let you know if we go!