Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots of Learning and Teaching

This past week has been a week full of learning and full of new beginings. First off Summit is Beachbodies annual gathering for coaches in Las Vegas. Unfortunatly I was not there but I now lots of people that were and as soon as they were home.... BOOM! The teaching was on.
There were new deals out, new products out, and a BIG new workout. I wanted to know everything so I got on Facebook and started talking to my fellow coaches on there. One thing that dissapointed me was all the photos of my friends with guys like Shaun T and Tony Horton. Man I wish I could have been there.
But back to what come out of this. P90X, TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift are offering a free 30 day trial in a Challenge Pack. This means to you the consumer... that for this month only you can try to experience what I live now for 30 days with out paying the full retail price. Even the Shakeology. This excited me becuase I believe that some of you that are on the fence can really try what works for 30 days (the right way) and decide for yourself.

The secound thing that came out that was a bit exciting was a new workout called Body Beast! I've actually though about doing this. Its a workout that is designed to bulk a person up. THis is nice because there are those perpetually skinny as a rail kids that have a hard time bulking up. and just looking normal or buff. This program is a workout and supplament pack and nutrition plan that will give you everything needed to get bigger.  How exciting! I look in the mirror and think, I could use bigger pecks and a tighter six pack. So this may be the next one on the horizon.

Third thing that came out threw me off a bit. Its called Derm. What is it? Well, its a skin care product. Wrinkles around the eyes and dark spots on the skin and lip balm for the sun.... This is great stuff that will help your skin glow and look 10 years younger. I thought this was a little different but you know what? I've already seen the interest in it. So, if your looking to glow and lokk younger... As always email me!
The last VERY exciting thing is a new flavor of Shakeology. In fact its so exciting that as soon as I get done posting this I'm going to make the call and switch my Shake order to this flavor. This flavor is Vegan Chocolate and it supposted to taste like Dark Chocolate. YUM! The push these days is for Vegan. I'm not a fan of vegan because I enjoy my chicken and fish. But I do see the push. I have read countless books that say this is truly the way us humans are suppost to live. We actually evloved to be primaryly plant eaters but meat has always been very available. As humans always do, we get what is easy to get. But I figure if it tastes great I'm game. The best part is its not an artificial flavoring to get that chocolate flavor. Is a natural Cacao plant. Natural chocolate and this plant produces that endorphine that creates that happy feeling that a Hershey bar gives you. It also helps you feel full for longer. My opinion is you can beat that. I'll report back when I get my first taste as to if its good or not but I have no doubt that its good!

Thorough all this I have decided to run with limited size challenge groups all through the month of July. Every monday I'm going to start up groups and we are going to get fit together. My workout of choice is Insanity. Insanity will whip me back into riding shape in no time. Katie is also going to give it a try. So, the question is, why doint you? Let me know if you want in! Remember its a limited size group.

Last thing is the teaching others. How? Well, I just signed two new coaches and if they are successful I am too. So, I must teach them all I know and more so we can take the world by storm and carry out the beachbody mission. End the Trend of Obiesity. The benefits of coaching is discounts, making money, and free trips to fun destinations like Atlantis and Disney. In fact at summit they announced 5 new beachbody millionares. WOW, I'd love to become a beachbody millionare. I can only do it with the help of you, and once everyone in the state of wyoming is skinny and healthy I should be there. Like I said many times before helping others reach thier goal is my mission and I am always willing to help you out. So, lets do this. Email me:
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Update: My shoulder is feeling great. Played my first softball game the other night. I will admit there is still alot of discomfort in the shoulder but I think I just need to build muscle again. Hopefully its ready to race in a couple weeks. Now I just gotta fix up the bike. As always I want to encourage you to go support my newst racing team member! Steel MX Optics, they get great reviews on all thier product and it looks great too at a GREAT price. Check them out: